Continuing Medical Education (CME)

One of the conditions for managing a doctor's license is to take a CME and a question test in order to obtain an SKP score. Through Sejawat, we provide this service to facilitate the needs of doctors.The material we present is also more interesting and interactive and definitely accredited.

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SIPS Edutech Indonesia provides a variety of interesting learning methods to suit your needs. In addition to meeting the needs of users, admin providers can add and complement their knowledge.


Collaborate to design topics that match nearby issues, how to prepare them, who can be invited to this webinar, whether their data can be obtained for future activities, to how to get responses from participants.

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Scientific Journals

Thousands of our users can easily learn hundreds of e-journals and e-books on our platform.

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Drugs Index

We provide the library of pharmaceutical products. In addition to product libraries, our drugs index is equipped with explanations of ingredients, uses, and reactions in the use of such drugs.

Job Vacancies

Hunt and hire the best health cares professionals in accordance to your company requirements.

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